The Ranger Ideal Volume 3: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, 1898-1987.

University of North Texas Press, 2021.  xvi, 864 p. 34 b&w illustrations, map, notes, bibliography, index.

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“Ivey’s landmark three-volume work concludes with legendary twentieth-century Texas Rangers. Slowly transitioning from frontier law enforcement, their colorful personalities, judgment, and actions affected the oil boom, the Mexican revolutionary border, Prohibition, and the gangster era. In the second half-century their competence, perseverance, and self-sacrifice assured the evolution of the Texas Rangers into a world-renowned investigative agency.”—Byron A. Johnson, Director, Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

“The Texas Rangers of the twentieth century deserve an honest, detailed, well-written history, and this book delivers that and more. The author, in recounting the careers of some of the most prominent Rangers, provides a balanced perspective of the organization as it grew into a modern law enforcement agency. This completes a set of three volumes on the Rangers that should be read by anyone interested in Texas history.”—Richard B. McCaslin, author of Texas Ranger Captain William L. Wright (UNT Press)

“Some of the men covered in this volume have not been covered in any book, except as a passing note or description. The coverage given to all these men helps the reader to understand the dedication, and determination that is part of the Texas Ranger history.”—Doug Dukes, author of Firearms of the Texas Rangers (UNT Press)

“This work will stand as a major contribution in the field of Texas Ranger literature. Ivey fleshed out new and undiscovered material about some inductees. The facts—genealogy, recreating routine incidents and spine-tingling episodes, along with fascinating and indispensable context—are deftly carried out with appropriate balance.”—Bob Alexander, co-author of Texas Rangers: Lives, Legend, and Legacy (UNT Press)

The Ranger Ideal Volume 2: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, 1874-1930.

University of North Texas Press, 2018. xviii, 798 p. 48 b&w illustrations, 2 maps, notes, bibliography, index.

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“There is new material in each chapter reflecting Ivey’s ability to dig deeper in primary source material and find new information, or a different way of looking at something. I have authored biographies of three of the subjects and Ivey has uncovered material I missed.’”—Chuck Parsons, author of Captain John R. HughesJohn B. Armstrong: Texas Ranger, Pioneer Rancher; and Captain L. H. McNelly

“Ivey has followed his excellent first volume on The Ranger Ideal with an equally readable and informative sequel that will surely receive the same accolades that he richly deserved the first time around.”—Paul N. Spellman, author of Captain John H. Rogers, Texas Ranger and Captain J. A. Brooks, Texas Ranger

“Once again Darren Ivey clearly demonstrates his knowledge of the individuals who established the Texas Rangers into the amazing law enforcement agency that they are. This is a book that should be on everyone’s shelf.”—David Johnson, author of John Ringo, King of the Cowboys

“Ivey offers a meticulously researched study that is at once broad in scope and rich in detail. He chronicles not only the lives and exploits of the Rangers but also the social, cultural, and political forces that shaped the times in which they lived.”—Charles W. Sanders, Jr., author of While in the Hands of the Enemy: Military Prisons of the American Civil War

The Ranger Ideal Volume 1: Texas Rangers in the Hall of Fame, 1823-1861.

University of North Texas Press, 2017. xviii, 652 p. 50 b&w illustrations (incl. maps), notes, bibliography, index.

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“Ivey is well respected for his previous work on the Rangers, and this book benefits from the same thorough research. There are extensive and welcome footnotes. I appreciate the careful handling of topics that cross the line between history and myth, such as Hays at Enchanted Rock/Bandera Pass/Painted Rock, and Ross with Cynthia Ann Parker. I also like the introduction of the Walker Colt, at the right place and time, with the correct context.”—Richard B. McCaslin, author of Tainted Breeze: The Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas, October 1862 and Fighting Stock: John S. “Rip” Ford in Texas

“Ivey’s work is a well-researched, well-organized, and well-written chronicle of the dramatic events in the military era of the Texas Rangers. The research is impressive—Ivey’s citations, explanatory notes, and text will be used by researchers and interested readers for years to come. His encyclopedic presentation of life stories—mini-biographies—is definitive and is the centerpiece of the book.”—Harold J. Weiss Jr., author of Yours to Command: The Life and Legends of Texas Ranger Captain Bill McDonald

“Darren Ivey’s The Ranger Ideal, Volume 1, covers seven of the most important men to be involved with the early Texas Rangers. In his examination of icons such as Jack Hays, Bigfoot Wallace, and Rip Ford, Ivey has unearthed vast collections of material, carefully examining some of the battles that may be more fable than fact, while also presenting solid biographical sketches on men that extend beyond their more well-known Texas years. Future biographers of any of these Texas Rangers leaders would be well served to examine the source material offered in Ivey’s voluminous chapter notes. The Ranger Ideal is a must-have book for any serious Texas Rangers historian.”—Stephen L. Moore, author of the Savage Frontier series and Texas Rising: The Epic True Story of the Lone Star Republic and the Rise of the Texas Rangers, 1836-1846

“I was greatly impressed with the thorough coverage in each of the biographies of these first seven Hall of Fame Texas Rangers. Those who are interested in learning more about these early leaders will find The Ranger Ideal, Volume I an indispensable and comprehensive source of enjoyable reading.”—Donaly E. Brice, former Senior Research Assistant, Texas State Library, and author of The Great Comanche Raid

The Texas Rangers: A Registry and History.

McFarland & Co., 2010. x, 338 p. Illustrations (incl. maps), notes, bibliography, index.

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“an exhaustive account”―Booklist

“the first of its kind, this book documents Texas Ranger units since the service’s 1823 inception…the most comprehensive book to date…a wonderful, one-step reference for historians”―Library Journal

“a good, one volume, overall, modern history of the Rangers in their changing roles from 1823 to today…easy to read”―Journal of the West

“This is a must for Ranger buffs…an amazing compilation”―True West.